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Our Single Door Retractable Screen is the industry standard. A perfect fit for in-swing or out-swing doors, the Genius single door screen, with patented brake system has a proven track record at providing complete satisfaction to my customers. When I install your screen door it is covered with a lifetime warranty on all internal springs and parts. Rest easy on the fact that this is a good investment for your home..
We offer our durable powder coat finishes in 7  popular.colors to blend with most any decor.
When it comes to Pairs or Double French Doors, our Patented Smooth Glide Screen System will do the job like no other. Above you will find a description and more details about our most popular model of retractable screen door the, "SMOOTH GLIDE" It would be wise to consider a Genius Smooth Glide Screen as the best and most economical choice.
Our low-profile Slider Door Retractable Screen housing is the perfect fit for slider applications. Our housing fits so well, you will not be able to tell it's even there. Best of all, when the screen is not in use you get a full, clear view out your slider door without the obstruction of the screen door. The Genius slider screen is there when you need it, and disappears when you don't.

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You can't  find a more user friendly Retractable Screen Door than our patented SMOOTH GLIDE screen. Genius is the innovator of this totally unique Retractable Screen System  designed specifically for all pair or double door openings. I guarantee the Smooth Glide will save you money comparing its cost to the out dated method of using two separate screens on a pair of doors. Customers all agree that the Smooth Glide is an absolute pleasure to operate. A unique counterbalance weight has been engineered into these screens to offset the spring tension in the housing. By design we have eliminated the annoying and often dangerous snapback action that can happen on a brakeless screen. This screen will always stay put where you release it allowing total control when in use. This model consists of only one single screen that covers the entire width of your door way. No more hassle of operating two separate screens where you need to pull one out and bolt it before using the other screen.