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 Vertical, horizontal, manual or automatic,Genius Retractable Screens has the window screen for any application. Our unique Auto Glide Retractable Screen just might be the last window screen you ever need to buy! These awesome screens stay clean and totally protected inside their housing until your ready to use them. When ventilation is needed you simply slide your window  open and the screen automatically pulls from housing and follows window the desired distance. When the window is in closed position, you have clear   unobstructed view looking out. Conventional window screens are typically dirty and clogged much of the time. This makes it hard to see out and usually detracts from your homes esthetic appeal. Standard window screens are dirty most of there short life due to constant exposure. Dirty clogged screens will greatly restrict air flow causing poor or inadequate ventilation.
Give your home a cleaner more custom appearance with the new screen--less look. Investing in your home is always wise and these convenient long lasting screens are a cost effective solution.
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